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Retirement Plan Services
Designed to:
Address and Reduce Fiduciary Liability
Increase Participant Satisfaction

Who is Your Plan's Fiduciary?

Most executives are unaware of their responsibilities and liabilities and have delegated these responsibilities to their provider who decline to accept Fiduciary responsibility.

Do You Know About ERISA
Section 3 (38) ?

The 1974 Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) allows Plan Sponsors to delegate ALL of their Fiduciary responsibilities AND liabilities to a named Fiduciary. Fiduciaries bear the ultimate responsibility for selecting and monitoring the investment options offered in the plan and to have this responsibility stated - in writing.

Ask Your Current Provider, "Will You Assume Fiduciary Responsibility in Writing?"

If the answer is "No," contact us. If you need help determining your exposure or if you want to learn how to get protection, we are here to help.

12 Questions Every
Plan Sponsor
Should Know about Their Retirement Plan


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