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The Keystone Advantage

Keystone Capital Advisors is an independent, Pennsylvania – based registered investment advisory firm. Keystone is not affiliated with any bank, mutual fund or insurance organization. Keystone personnel possess over 25 years of financial industry experience with such leading financial firms as Goldman, Sachs & Company, Fidelity Investments, and Delaware Investments. Keystone’s revenue is derived from the services that we provide to our clients. We do not have revenue – sharing arrangements with investment product providers.  

There are many reasons why Keystone Capital Advisors stands out among financial advisory firms. Our approach is to, first and foremost, offer sound advice to help your reach your investment objectives. Here are six foundational benefits to working with a true partner, like Keystone Capital Advisors:

True Open Architecture Investment Platform
Access to an investment universe of over 12,000 investment choices, no proprietary funds, no investment restrictions and access to professionally managed accounts.
Professional Investment Management
Highly respected, independent investment managers are utilized to select, monitor and evaluate each investment offering on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance with the Plan’s Investment Policy Statement. These investment managers do not offer proprietary funds, therefore eliminating a conflict of interest.
Acceptance of Fiduciary Responsibility to Reduce Plan Sponsor Liability
The appointed investment manager is required to accept fiduciary responsibility and investment discretion under ERISA (3)(38) – in writing. ERISA provides a “safe harbor” where a qualified investment manager is appointed.
Full Fee Disclosure
Disclosure of all Plan fees and reimbursement of all mutual fund revenue utilized to reduce plan and participant expenses.
Personalized Participant advice and education to support appropriate retirement planning.
Plan and Participant Services
Comprehensive Plan Administration and Participant Services.


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